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Busy Things


Visit the Busy Things website for fun activities at home.




Suntrap are running free training for the early years and have some great home learning activities on  https://suntrapcentre.co.uk/suntrap-at-home

NSPCC and O2


Have you spoken to your child about their online safety? The NSPCC and O2 give you guidance around how to manage privacy settings to help start the conversation. For more help and tips go to the Net Aware site https://www.net-aware.org.uk/

What is net aware? Click here to watch this short clip. Three tips to start online safety. Click here.

Magic Box


Magic Box sessions are fun, interactive story sessions where kids help Lottie, a professional actor, create and tell a story, using the odd things she finds in her Magic Box. Children follow a character into a themed adventure where they can role-play, move around the imaginary space – and sing songs! Each session involves listening, speaking and spatial awareness, and helps children understand simple instructions in a structured, yet fluid, environment. The wonderful story teller Lottie has an online channel. Click here for further information.



Please teach your child to wash their hands properly – the NHS handwashing video will help. Click here.



Resources for Remote Learning support. Click here.

How can I prepare children for a return to school after lockdown?

When children begin returning to school following lockdown, they may be returning to a school that looks different to the one they remember. Young children may find this transition difficult after an extended time at home. When children return, they may find that there are many changes to the school routine and environment. The classrooms will look different, the toys and activities will be different, they may have a new teacher and different children in the class. It is important to prepare children for this but in a manner that is reassuring and age appropriate. This PowerPoint explains some of the differences that Little Bear may notice when he returns to school. All the changes are explained in a comforting and positive way, helping children to transition back to school.

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