About the Local Offer

Find out about our services for children and young people with SEND, how the support system works and legal guidance.

Early Years SEND Support

See what support there is for children up to age five, how to choose childcare, and what you can do to help.

Education and SEND support

Read about our SEND provision, support in schools and colleges, online learning, higher education and more.

Education Health and Care plans (EHCP)

If your child is not progressing as expected, you can request a needs assessment for an Education, Health and Care plan.

Social, emotional and mental wellbeing

Find out where you can go for advice and help if you're concerned about your child's wellbeing.

Health services for young people

Learn about our health services for children and young people with SEND, and how to access them.

Common SEND conditions

Information on various SEND conditions, from autism to visual impairments, and where to get support.

Preparing for adulthood

Learn more about the options open to you, from college and work, to independent living.

Money matters

From budgeting to benefits, where to apply for funds and grants, and finding advice, read our money matters guide.

Transport and getting around

Disabilities and impairments can make travel a challenge. Read about Home to school travel assistance and other support.

Social care and short breaks

Details of practical support we provide for vulnerable young people, safeguarding, care assessments, and short breaks.

Information and advice

Find out where you can get support as a parent and carer, and find information and advice on caring for a child with SEND.

Things to do

Check out our guide to accessible and fun leisure activities, your child can enjoy on their own, or together as a family.