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Science at Chapel End Infant School and Early Years Centre

In the Early Years, children can engage in play, explore, create and think critically through indoor and outdoor learning where they can ask questions about the world around them. In Years 1 and 2, children have daily Topic lessons which have a cross-curricular approach where Science is integrated into their Literacy lessons. This will help children to progressively learn how to work scientifically by exercising their enquiry skills. At Chapel End, children are provided with opportunities to advance their scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding through research, observation over time, identification and classification, pattern-seeking, comparative testing and exploration. In Early Years and across KS1, our Topic lessons allow children to embark on practical experiments that allow them to learn through a range of tools and make their discoveries independently. Through our cross-curricular lessons, children are able to find out how science works and why science matters in the world. 



Science teaching at Chapel End Infants School is linked to year group topics but is also taught as discrete units and lessons, where needed, to ensure coverage. Pupils learn to appreciate the work of famous scientists and their inventions. As young scientists pupils are taught to question, observe, classify, predict, create a fair test and analyse outcomes through practical investigations - ensuring learning in meaningful and fun!

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Fun Science at Home links

Fun Science at Home links

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