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Thank you letter – Remembrance Service
11TH NOV 19

Athletics Competition

On Tuesday 15th November,  children from Yr1 & Yr2 represented our school at the Waltham Forest School Sports Network, competing in the Sports Hall Athletics Competition. The children were all still laughing and smiling, even though they had a day of  gruelling activities such as jumping, throwing, running, stepping and skipping ,  which was all against the clock . There was 42 teams from across the borough competing at this event, so we are yet to find out who  the winners are.

What we do know is that our children all did their very best. Well done to all those who took part.

Waltham Forest School Sports 3 Tees Cricket Competition

On Monday 18th June, 12 children from Year 1 & 2 attended the Waltham Forest School Sports 3 Tees Cricket Competition. The morning was spent developing skills and the afternoon was spent playing matches against other teams. It was a great day for developing the fundamental skills of team building. We did not win on this occasion, but it wasn’t for the lack of trying.

Waltham Forest Schools World Cup Football Festival

On Friday 15th June, 18 girls and boys from Years 1 & 2, took part in the Waltham Forest Schools World Cup Football Festival.  It was a delight to see all the children putting the skills they have learned in their lessons and in after school football club into practice. Both teams performed well, many congratulations to the Year 2 team who came fourth out of 32 teams. Making the semi-finals in the world cup, which is quite an achievement.

Winter Olympics—Peter May Centre

To celebrate the sporting values of the Olympic movement and the winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, such as teamwork, determination and honesty, a Winter Olympic Festival was held on 9th March 2018. 15 Year 2 children attended and took part in a variety of Winter Olympic themed events such as cross country ski-ing, freestyle, ice hockey, curling, long jump and slalom. Unfortunately, there was no snow, ice or skis involved but the children all had a great deal of fun enjoying games based on these events.

They put all the Olympic values into practice while improving their fitness by increasing their daily activity. Since then, some of the  truly enjoyable games have also been used in the playground to further enrich the activities available.

Muck, Mess and Mixtures Day

On Thursday 22nd February 2018, all the year 2 classes took part in a Muck, Mess and Mixtures Day in Chapel End Infant School.

First, we agreed on our rules. Next, we went out to have fun. We explored the magical cornflour, wobbly, wibbly jelly, soft sand, water, baby lotion, colourful paint, rainbow skittles, wonderful   shaving cream and lots more. We were all super stars.
Written by Alae – Crocodiles

Year 2 Visit to Cutty Sark

On Wednesday 7th February, Year 2 visited the Cutty Sark. All the children behaved brilliantly and as always, we got lots of positive feedback from the staff at the museum.
Well done children!

Year 2 – Captain James Cook – Week commencing 22nd January 2018

Children have been finding out about a famous explorer Captain James Cook. The children were given the opportunity to talk about and look at all the places he discovered and named.
They were very surprised to find out how sailing across the world in the past was a harsh and sometimes dangerous journey!

What a fascinating time we had!

Traffic Survey

On Monday 4th December, Year 2 carried out a traffic survey in the morning to find out how much traffic there is on Chingford Road. They used a grid to count cars, vans, lorries, motorbikes, buses and bicycles. With this information, they will record their findings in a tally chart and then present it in a graph.

Mr Court –  PE specialist Assembly

Mr. Court held an assembly about resilience on Tuesday 28th November. We found out that even though we might not be able to  do something straight away it does not  mean that we will never be able to do it. We should just say to ourselves: “I can’t do it YET!”
If we keep on trying, we’ll get better and better.
Thank you Mr Court, we will remember that in everything we do.

Eagles Sharing Assembly

Thank you to all the parents / carers who came along to our sharing assembly on Friday 24th November 2017.The children from Eagles enjoyed showing a variety of work covered this term.

Odeon Cinema Trip & Sharing

Year 2 children went to the Odeon Cinema in South Woodford on Tuesday 14th November. They retraced their steps to the Town Hall and like true street detectives the children remembered the names of streets and places along the way.
We took the 123 bus to South Woodford and looked at the geographical features of the local area.
The film, Zootropolis, was very entertaining.  We had a lovely time and the staff at the Cinema commented on everyone’s fantastic behaviour. What a fantastic time we had!

During Panda’s sharing assembly, they talked about what they did during our topic ‘Scented Garden’.  Children in year 2 designed and created their own fantasy gardens. Well done year 2!


Remembrance Day at Waltham Forest Town Hall

On Friday 10th November, Year 2 visited Waltham Forest Town Hall for the Remembrance Day Service. For the past week, Year 2 have been finding out about the history of Remembrance Day.  The children found out about World War I and the lives of the soldiers at that time.  As always, we were so proud of our children’s behaviour on the day and so was the Mayor of Waltham Forest.

Scented Garden Topic October 2017

All the year 2s have been very busy with their scented garden topic. We’ve explored different plants using our senses, also naming common and new flowers and herbs. We made a class bar graph to show what our favourite smells are. We know what plants need to grow well and even know how some plants adapt to their environment to survive, like cacti in the dessert and tall plants in the rainforest. We are busy designing our own fantasy gardens

Kitchener Park Visit – 4th July

All the Year 2 children went to the Walthamstow Assembly Hall on Tuesday 4th July for the Music Festival arranged by the Music Service. They performed 3 songs on their Ocarinas and received lots of praise from schools and parents alike.
All the children were on their best behaviour on our walk there and back as well as during the performance. All the lessons throughout the year were definitely worth it. Well done!
In the afternoon they all went to Kitchener Road park for a well-deserved treat. The children had a blast playing with their friends and exploring the park.

Waltham Forest School Sports Network Value Games – 22nd June 2017

600 Year 2 children from schools across the borough had the opportunity to enjoy a range of new and exciting sports (as well as some familiar ones) at the Value Games.
The Value Games celebrate sporting values such as team work, pride, self-respect, excellence, friendship and determination. 51 children from Chapel End attended and did an amazing job at upholding the sporting values and a fabulous day was had by all.
Well done, Chapel End!

 Visit to Walton on Naze 7th June 2017

Year 2 have a  lovely time in Walton-on-the-Naze. The children thoroughly enjoyed splashing in the water, building sandcastles, chasing seagulls and picking up shells. We are ready to find out all about sea life in our new topic Beachcombers

Summer Time Ball 2017

Year 1 & 2 had a fabulous time on Wednesday 24th May at the Summer Time Ball. Year 2 children were presented with a celebration cake for being great special agents this term and doing so brilliantly with their special missions and their learning throughout the year. Thank you to all the staff and parents who helped to make this a fantastic event, we managed to raise £252.15.


Autumn Term Muck, Mess & Mixtures Topic

Year 2 have started off their new topic with a fun session in the playground experimenting with all kinds of muck, mess and mixtures. Thanks to all parents for responding to the request to send the children to school in their old clothes.

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