RL – Children with additional needs

Jensory – Sensory ideas and music sessions. Click here for further details.

Hello and welcome to Singing Hands! We are Suzanne and Tracy and we would like to introduce you to the amazing world of signing with Makaton. Our unique and enthusiastic approach is designed to help develop someone’s communication potential through music, songs, games & activities. We focus on learning language in a way that it is motivating, engaging and most of all, fun!

To find out more about ‘What We Do’ – please see the information about our classes, our resources, our educational concerts and our work in schools, nurseries, with young adults and our training workshops for professionals. Join us and learn how to sign the ‘Singing Hands’ way! Click here for further details.

We know that if one child doesn’t sleep, the whole family suffers. Our three-part guide helps you understand the issues around sleep that might be causing disturbed sleep in your family. Firstly it looks at common sleep problems in children with complex needs and how these are assessed. It also describes sleep problems in specific genetic syndromes. Finally it outlines strategies that can be used to improve sleep problems in all children.


We’re building a growing resource library here, which we hope will help support you and your child. It’s small at the moment, but will grow to include articles, videos and information sheets.
And if you have an idea for a topic that we haven’t covered, but should be – let us know using this form.  We’d love to hear from you.

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