Early Years

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Key Stage 1

CEIS Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact                

CEIS Curriculum IntentWhat are we trying to achieve at Chapel End through the curriculum?

Everything we do at Chapel End Infants School, demonstrates our uncompromising drive to maintain the highest levels of achievement for all pupils, in order to maximise their life chances. Now, even more than before, we have a responsibility to support those children who have been hardest hit by COVID 19 and lockdown.

We aim to provide a learning environment where each child is helped and encouraged to develop his or her full potential in a happy, caring and stimulating environment. We understand the circumstances of the lives of our children, the community in which they grow up, and opportunities they may or may not have. Understanding this, we have created a curriculum that builds upon current experiences and offers new possibilities and opportunities. Knowledge is the power to success and our job, therefore, is to give every child the knowledge they need to be successful. By giving them knowledge, we arm children with the choices to prosper in all aspects of life, whatever their life path may be.

We believe that the curriculum is more than just the development of subject-based skills, knowledge and understanding; it also makes a vital contribution to the development of the children’s attitudes and beliefs. We ensure that through our school vision, values, curriculum and teaching we promote tolerance and respect for all cultures, faiths and lifestyles. Through our curriculum we intend that our children develop a strong moral compass, enabling them to go out into the world, making the right decisions for themselves, their families and their community.

CEIS Curriculum Implementation How do we plan to deliver this?

The National Curriculum forms the basis for delivering wide and varied learning experiences. We are fully committed to developing each child’s unique potential. We use a range of resources to meet the needs of the curriculum and endeavour to maximise the opportunities available to all of our children. Our engaging curriculum is designed so that specific knowledge and skills are scaffolded within a topic each term/half term. In order to ensure that progression and balance is maintained, the programmes of study are developed into medium term plans (outline plans) which clearly highlight the learning intent, assessment opportunities and tasks, as well as links to other subjects. Teachers translate these plans into smaller units – weekly and daily plans where the specific needs of the learners are addressed. The school’s frequent monitoring cycle ensures effective practice. Children’s gaps in knowledge are identified through Assessment For Learning (AfL) strategies and at summative assessment points throughout the year. AfL determines pre-teach, catch-up or extension sessions planned by the class teacher. Immediate interventions are delivered where necessary. Pupil progress meetings take place every half-term and inform next steps. This allows teaching, intervention and extention to be a fluid process that allow for accelerated progress.

CEIS Curriculum Impact – What difference is this making to our children?

Our Curriculum:
  1. Ensures impact on standards
  • The quality of education is good.
  • Children make at least expected progress (even when their starting points are lower than expected) and attain in line with national expectations.
  1. Ensures impact on children’s emotional development
  • Personal development is outstanding.
  • Children are happy and enjoy coming to school.
  • Parents and carers are happy with the school and high proportions would recommend us to others.
  1. Ensures impact on children’s social development
  • Behaviour and attitudes are outstanding.
  • Children demonstrate our values in their learning and in their behaviour in and around school.
  • Children learn to make the right choices for their well-being.

CEIS Subject Specific Intent and Implementation

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In Year 1 the topics are:

  • Autumn 1: Memory Box
  • Autumn 2: Celebrations
  • Spring 1: Moon Zoom
  • Spring 2: Enchanted Forest
  • Summer 1: Splendid Skies
  • Summer 2: Superheroes

tealYear 1 Curriculum Map

In Year 2 the topics are:

  • Autumn 1:   Scented Garden
  • Autumn 2:   Street Detectives
  • Spring 1:      Muck, Mess and Mixtures
  • Spring 2:      Wriggle and Crawl
  • Summer 1:   Land Ahoy!
  • Summer 2:   Beachcombers

tangeloYear 2 topic map

Themes are selected to maximise curriculum coverage across the year.

Remote learning

Due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, there may be times in the near future, when the school will need to provide remote learning for individuals, groups or the whole school. Remote learning information will be emailed to parents, so please make sure your email address is correct. Information will also be provided by Google Classrooms and via our website:

Please use the email address below if you have any difficulties accessing remote learning. If it is difficult for you or your family to access remote learning, due to wifi problems, or limited access to an appropriate device you request a paper pack from the office.