Breakfast & Teatime Provision

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Please complete an application form and return to the school office. Email or post is preferred.

We have two separate Breakfast and Teatime clubs, one for children in years 1-6 based at our Infant site and another for children in Early Years, which is based at our Early Years Centre.

We usually have more than enough staff and space to meet the demand in all our Breakfast and Teatime provision.


Breakfast Club:

7.45am start = £5.50 per day

8.00am start = £4.50 per day

Tea Time Club

3.25pm – 5.55pm = £10.50 per day

Quotes from our current Breakfast & Teatime children

‘I really like the food and playing outside.’

‘I get to play with my friends.’

‘I like making things and going outside.’

‘I get to see my friends and play with them.’