Starting School

We are delighted that you are joining our school community and we are really looking forward to meeting you all. Please take a look at the welcome powerpoint document below. It is filled with useful information.

One of our Reception teachers, Danousia, reading Harry and the Dinosaurs go to school by Ian Whybrow and Adrian Reynolds.

Preparation for starting school | PACEY
Starting school is an exciting time for young children and their parents. It can be a daunting time, too. But with a little preparation and encouragement, most children will settle in easily at school, ready to learn and discover.

Starting school is an important stage in a child’s life. Supporting children to successfully transition to school helps them start positively on their next learning and development journey. Schools, early years provision and families all have a part to play in helping children successfully transition to school. To achieve this in Waltham Forest we have created the initiative ‘Starting School Together’.

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The school day

The day is constructed around a range of free-flow activities and exploration combined with adult supported small group learning both inside and out. Activities that cross the seven areas of learning are designed to ignite children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. Children will learn through purposeful play in a challenging and engaging environment.

A child friendly visual of our daily routine can be seen below.


Regular attendance at school contributes effectively to your child’s achievement and well-being. According to the Government and Local Authority guidance on improving attendance, parents no longer have the right to take their children out of school during term time.

School is closed for 13 weeks a year and holidays are expected to be taken during closures. Holidays taken during term times will NOT be authorised. Absences immediately before / after school holidays will also not be authorised.

Up to 5 days leave of absence may be authorised in exceptional circumstances if the child’s attendance is generally good (above 95%). If your child is unwell please inform the school office by 09:30 on the first day of absence.

School Dinners and Packed Lunch

Welcome to Waltham Forest Catering school meals page, where you can find useful information for schools and families. School meals are a great way to ensure your child is eating a nutritious and well-balanced meal during the school day. Click here for further details.

An example of a menu can be found below. Meals are a tasty array of nutritious and seasonal food for your children.

Click here to find out more about free school meals for your child.

The suggested combination of foods for lunchboxes has been based on the Balance of Good Health. It should be remembered that there are no good and bad foods; it is the overall balance of foods eaten in diets that is important for good health, so please include a mix in your child’s lunchbox.

  • For example – a sandwich / roll / wrap / bagel / pitta containing for example, egg, ham, turkey, chicken, cheese, fish. Apples, bananas, kiwi fruit, strawberries, satsumas, grapes, raisins, carrots, celery sticks, rice cakes, fruit yoghurt, oat cakes, dried fruits, bread sticks, low fat cheese, water melon, cherry tomatoes.
  • Please do not include drinks (including yoghurt or smoothly drinks) of any kind in lunchboxes. Children are able to have a drink of water at lunchtime.
  • Click here for further information.

Some examples of books about starting school.

  • I am too Absolutely Small for School (Charlie and Lola) by Lauren Child 
  • Starting School by Janet and Allen Ahlberg 
  • Topsy and Tim Start School by Jean and Gareth Adamson 
  • Harry and the Dinosaurs Go to School by Ian Whybrow and Adrian Reynolds  
  • Come to School too, Blue Kangaroo! by Emma Chichester Clark 
  • Going to School Sticker Book and Starting School Sticker Book – Usborne 
  • Do I have to go to school by Pat Thomas 
  • Alfie and the big boys by Shirley Hughes 
  • Jellybean goes to school by Margaret Roc and Laura Hughes 
  • Biff, chip and Kipper: Starting school by Roderick Hunt and Alex Brychta 
  • The things I love about School by Trace Moroney
  • From the Oxford Reading Tree First Experience Collection (this has characters that may appear in your child’s school reading books if your school uses this reading scheme) by Roderick Hunt and Alex Brychta Going to School.
  • I want my Mummy by Tracey Corderoy
  • Lucy and Tom start school by Shirley Hughes My First Day at Nursery School by Becky Edwards

There is a range of information on the BBC Bitesize website. Click here for further details.

School uniform

Our uniform consists of a green jumper or cardigan with the school logo please (see image below), white shirt / polo shirt and grey trousers or skirt / dress. For P.E. children need a P.E. bag and wear black shorts, a white t-shirt and black plimsoles. Your child will also need a water bottle. Please make sure that your child’s name is on all clothing and belongings.

The logo embossed uniform can be purchased from Speedstich.

Alternatives can be purchased from many high street retailers including Sainsbury’s, Tesco’s and Morrisons.

Breakfast and Tea-Time provision

If you need a Breakfast Club and/or Tea Time Club space for your child, please complete an application form.

Breakfast club starts at 7.45am – £5.50 per session or 8.00am £4.50 per session.

Tea Time club finishes at 5.55pm – £10.50 per session.

Please click here for further details.

Special Educational Needs

Does your child have additional needs? Click here for further information.


The Governors are a committed group of volunteers who work with the Head Teacher to ensure that the school runs to the highest standards and promotes academic achievement and social development for every pupil.

They do not get involved in the day to day running of the school however they do set the school’s strategic direction acting as a ‘critical friend’. The current body is made up of parents, staff, members of the local community and appointments by the Local Authority. Click here for further details.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

A PTA is a great way to bring together parents, teachers and your local community to raise funds and to support our school. If you are interested in joining please talk to a member of the Reception team once school starts.