If you are interested in a place in our Nursery provision. Please complete and return to form below. Applications should be sent to

Nursery is our provision for 3 and 4 year olds and includes our day-care provision. There are 40 morning and afternoon places available as part of the free 15 hour entitlement for all 3 and 4 year olds and sessions run between 8:45 – 11:45 and 12:45 – 3:45. It also includes our 30 hours and day-care provision for 3 and 4 year olds. This is a paid for provision and is available between 8:00am – 6:00pm Monday to Friday.  Email us at for further details.

The audio file above is to be played alongside the Autumn 2 Celebration of learning. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Reading with your child

Sharing a book with a child is fun! It’s a time for closeness, laughing and talking together – and it can also give children a flying start in life and help them become lifelong readers.

If you’re not feeling confident about reading aloud or sharing books, don’t worry – there’s no right or wrong way to enjoy a story together. But if you’d like some tips, here are a few pointers to help you out. Click here for further details.

Take a look at the three ‘top tips’ documents below produced by The Communication Trust to support your child’s language development.

Resources to support children aged 3-5 can be found here.

Talking with your baby or young child and sharing books gives them the best start in life. Download the leaflet below for further details.

Reading and phonics

Fun with Mathematics

This article for teachers, parents and carers offers guidance on how learners can get the most out of the activities in our Maths at Home features. To read the article click here.

Click here for episodes.

Did you know that children with good numeracy skills are more likely to earn more, stay in education longer and have more chance of actually being in work when they grow up?

Children are born with an innate mathematical ability and research has shown that parents have a massive effect on how this develops. Even if you feel you aren’t good at maths, there are things you can do with your child now that will make a big difference to their ability. Click here for more details.

Tiny Happy People is here to help you develop your child’s communication skills. Explore our simple activities and play ideas and find out about their amazing early development. Click here for further details.

Simple, fun activities for kids, from newborn to five.

Many little things light up hungry little minds. Kids take everything in, and even the smallest things you do with them can make a big difference.
We understand that you and your child are spending more time at home and you might be looking for a bit more inspiration for things to do. Start by trying some of the simple, fun activities we have suggested. Click here for further details.

Thinking about toilet training. Watch the video below for some helpful information.

At Barefoot Books, our mission is to share stories, connect families and inspire children. We empower passionate individuals, whom we call Ambassadors, to build their own businesses selling our wide selection of books, songs, puzzles, games and gifts. We believe in the power of storytelling, and we invite you to become part of our story. Click here to listen to some stories

Stuck for ideas. Take a look at some of these.

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Firefighters in Nursery

On Thursday 14th June the Walthamstow Firefighters paid a very kind visit to the nursery and spoke to all the children about what happens when you dial 999. The children got to go into the fire engine and even had a go at using the water hose! Thank you Walthamstow Firefighters for your visit to Chapel End

 Nursery Maypole Dancing -May 2018

Willow and Nursery children spent lots of time practising their maypole dance. Parents and carers were invited to watch the annual dance and join in with the children at the end of the show. Thank you to those who were able to join us. Everyone had a great time!

Festive Production

On Thursday 14th December, the nursery children did a wonderful production of singing and acting. Parents/carers thoroughly enjoyed watching the show. Well done to all the children for making this so much fun to watch.


Nursery Community Breakfast 11th October 2017

Thank you to all of the parents who joined us for our community breakfast. The children adored having their special people spend time in their classrooms. Everybody enjoyed having breakfast, snacks and playing in the nursery. Thank you again for your continued support.

Eid Celebrations 2017

Thank you to all the parents who contributed to our EID 2017 party. We were joined by our youngest children from Willow room. The children really enjoyed the experience.


Nursery Sports Day 30th June 2017

Thank you for your continued support today. The children took part in a variety of events including hurdles, wheelbarrow racing and tug of war. A big thank you to the parents who attended and to those who took part in our parents race. The children had a lot of fun!

Maypole Dancing – May 2017

This week Willow and Nursery rooms spent lots of time practising their maypole dance. Parents and carers were invited to watch the annual dance and join in with the children at the end of the show. Thank you to those who were able to join us, everyone had a great time!

Hatching in the Nursery – May 2017

Nursery children have loved watching the chicks hatch and then taking care of them. They have made signs to tell everyone how to care for them.